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5 Simple Ways to Delete Yourself From The Internet

03 Oct

Some people may find satisfaction lingering in the web. Others, however, find it a great burden being visible in the online world. Thus, they prefer to get lost and delete their internet history. If you are reading this article, it is highly possible that you are considering this move. To be honest, it’s very hard to completely remove yourself from the internet. However, there are several ways to minimize your presence online. Below are just some of the most useful tips in erasing your online footprint.

How to Delete Yourself From The Internet

1.Deactivate ALL Your Online Accounts

Online accounts don’t only refer to your social media accounts. Think of every site where you were once asked to fill out your personal information. Aside from popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you also need to delete your accounts in shopping sites, online banking, and other web service accounts. Each site has different means of deleting an account. Try to ask Google’s help if you will encounter problems along the way.

2.Delete Search Engine Results that Provides Information About You

This step allows you to be invisible in the results posted by search engines every time someone tries searching your name. Google made this step very efficient through its URL removal tool. This is important if you want to completely delete your history from the internet because there are webmasters of certain sites that refuses to remove vital information that links back to you.

3.Have Yourself Removed from Data Collection Sites

Since the start of the Internet era, there are people making a living by gathering personal information online. They are like brokers who collect your data online and sell them to interested parties for advertisement purposes. Have you ever wondered why can you receive promotional emails or calls without giving out that information? They are responsible for that. The problem, however, is that you need to contact them individually to request for your account be deleted. The ironic thing is that they will require you to submit documents and paper works to grant your request.

4.Cancel All Email Accounts

Although it is quite hard to imagine how can you survive without a single email address, you need to shut off all your accounts if you want to be completely anonymous. This is the point of no return. Before doing this, try to remember if you have important stuff in your emails that you need to back up. Once you’ve decided to pursue deleting your account, look for the steps in deleting an email account specific to that site. Some sites are also automatically deleting dormant accounts over a period of time.

 5.Ask For Professional Help

If you don’t want to experience the inconvenience of doing everything yourself, you can skip steps 1 to 4 and seek help from professional companies that offer account removal services for a fee. Be sure to tap the services of a company that is capable of deleting all your information even in the “deep web”.