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Can’t access the MCP site? Here is the Solution

04 Jul

Lot of MCP users are having problems logging into and accessing the MCP site (mcp.microsoft.com) in the past couple of months.  Many of us have tried calling the MS customer service and the response we have been getting is that ”we do not have any contacts to team, that takes care about this web”. The help desk response team recommends to use forums to report it. I have tried that as well but No comments at all 🙁

I have seen some people saying that they managed to access the website using different browser and by reinstalling the browser to the default settings but for most people including me it didn’t work. After a lot of research I did managed to access the website.

This is what i did:

  1. Log on to https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/account/ and changed my password
  2. Sign out from  https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/account/  (Make sure ur logged out otherwise next step will fail with the proxy timeout error)
  3. Browse to https://mcp.microsoft.com/. If your signed out you should get the page telling you “Welcome to the Microsoft Certification Member Site” Instead of using the “Sign in” button at the middle of the page press “Help”
  4. This is the strange part….notice that in the top corner to the right it says “Sign out” this means your already signed in even thought you logged out in step 1.
  5. Now press “Your benefits and exams”….If your profile is missing some information (In my case i had no country selected) fill it in.
  6. Viola your now in and you should see your transcripts etc.

If this solves your problem please do leave a comment below or if you have a different way to access the site let us know in the comment section.