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How Much Money Can I Make Online? Part 1

21 Aug

How Much Money Can I Make Online?

One of the most commonly asked question by people looking to start work from home is, How Much Money Can I Make Online? This is one of the first few question a new starter asks himself before diving into online freelancing work. In spite of being a very commonly asked question the answer to this is never a clear one rather the answer would always be in if’s!

There is no one particular formula to find out the amount of money one can make working from home. The actual money you can make depends on several factors and a bit of luck would do a lot of good also. Online work requires a lot of patience when you first get into the online world. Most people struggle in early months to make good money. Some don’t even make a singly dollar for first few months(eg ME). Once you get hang of the process you slowly start making money which gives you confidence and from that point onward it’s a matter of how much you can push yourself to make more money. Here are the some of the factors that would help answer your question, How Much Money Can I Make Online?


Well without skill forget making money online, it’s as simple as that. If you do not have skills checkout several websites online and learn a skill, practice it and get good in it. Now that you have a skill you are likely to make money online. Keep getting better at your skill and you’ll see good things come to you. Few of the highly paid skills are software developer, web designer, Marketing specialist, copywriter. The skill you possess decide the range of money that you can possibly make.

Street Smart

Online work like real life jobs requires you to be always on your toes and in a nutshell a “street smart”. In addition to having good skills you need to be smart enough to create circumstances to use your skills. That’s right you need to create circumstances and not wait for the opportunity to come to you. With increasing amount of competition online a proactive mind would be a must to seal the deal. You need to sell yourself rather than sitting back and waiting for the employer to come to you and offer a job.


Experience is very important to be successful. One has to patient in pursuing online work for first few months and then reap the rewards of all the research and tips an tricks you come across while desperately looking for work. If you do not have experience offer your services for free. Write an email to a blog admin, a software company or a web designer to do the work for free. This not only will get you started but also create an outside chance for the same company to hire you if they like your work.

Hopefully I’ve answered few of your questions in this blog. I’ll write second version of the topic How Much Money Can I Make Online? to highlight more key aspects to making more money online. Don’t forget to let me know your opinion in the below comment box. Too be continued……