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How to Use Twitter for Marketing

14 Aug

how to use twitter for marketing


Do you tweet? Are you fond of sending 140-character long message to your followers? Do you have a business that needs more marketing and popularity? Do you know how to Use Twitter for Marketing?  Can You use Twitter for Marketing? Why not tweet and promote your business at the same time? Impossible? Not anymore! Just like any other social media platforms, the micro blogging service, Twitter, can be used to promote your business.

More and more small businesses or even huge conglomerates use social media in order to further expand their scope and market. It is no surprising to see tweets about certain promotions and sponsored sites. So how can businesses take advantage of the popularity of Twitter to draw attention and make potential sales for your business? I have enumerated some reasons below.

  1. Twitter is an inexpensive way of advertising. If buying space on print ads and other media platform will cost you a fortune, a simple tweet will only require you an internet connection. This will surely cut your marketing budget but will yield almost the same effect. After all, marketing is all about letting everyone know about your business.
  2. Through Twitter, you can cover a wider range of market and clients. The 304 million active users of twitter is no joke. Just imagine how many active users can view your ad and potentially be your client. To top it all off, sharing your tweet can exponentially increase the number of users who can see it increasing the scope covered by your online marketing.
  3. Twitter is interactive. Once you have tweeted an ad or a promotional offer and a potential customer has an inquiry, you can easily reply to them in a breeze. You do not need to put up a customer service hot line just to respond their questions. More importantly, prompt response to a potential customer’s queries could close the deal for you.

Now that we know the advantages of using Twitter in promoting your business, let us make sure that your account will gain the interest from Twitter maniacs. It is not enough for you to just simply set up an account. You must remember the following tips in making your business trend with Twitter.

  1. Preset your Brand and Identity

Your profile page and name are the fundamentals of your Twitter account. Your Twitter name must bear the name of your business. Think if a name that will easily catch the attention of the public. Also, make your profile page informative. Place all necessary information about your business and mean of reaching you. Customize your page by changing your background. Make your design relevant to your line of business. Just remember, do not over do anything. Make everything simple yet packed with information that customers need to know about your business.

  1. Start Following People

Your Twitter account is of no use if you will not follow people and be followed back. Start from your circle of friends, coworkers, family members and acquaintances. Do not hesitate to ask them to follow you back and retweet your tweets.  Remember, our target is to get more followers. It may take some time before you can create an empire of followers. However, once you have establishes a significant community of twitter users, you can easily feel the surge in your inquiries and profile visits.

  1. Interact with your Followers

Spare some time to answer questions from your followers. It is important that you maintain an open communication with potential clients. Who knows, a simple reply to an inquiry could make a sale. Do not forget to mention the person who asked the question by inserting their twitter name usually starting with “@” sign. This will let them see your reply easily.

  1. Increase Traffic to your Site

Incorporate your website on your promotional tweets. This will allow your followers to visit your site by just clicking on the link that you have tweeted. Since Twitter only allows 140 characters per tweet, you need to shorten your URL using a URL shortener. This will shorten your URL into a maximum of 20 characters regardless of the length of the original one.

  1. Include Photos and Videos

Tweets need not only be words or texts. Recent development on this social media site involves the capability of posting photos and videos related to your products. You can post photos of your products, posters or other promotional materials. In adding videos, you may need to upload the video on other sites like YouTube and tweet the link for your followers to view them. You may upload a 6-second video directly from your phone or PC via a newly launched video uploading services called Vine. Better make the most out of those precious 6 seconds.

  1. Filter your Potential Costumers

Twitter has an advance setting where you can filter your search options to pinpoint your potential market. You may filter the whole twitter community in terms of location, account name or via hashtags used. This will let you focus on Twitter users to whom a potential business deal is highly possible.

Social media has definitely made marketing a lot easier for us. We have the liberty of choosing which platform will work depending on the nature of our business. Did these tips work for you? Please do let me now by leaving your comment below.