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Is Windows 10 Worth Getting?

25 Jun



Addressing the underwhelming review for Windows 8 and its overhauled version Windows 8.1, Microsoft has unveiled the newest member of its growing roster of operating system – the Windows 10. According to some reviews, Windows 10 is what Windows 8 should have been and rumors have it that while Windows 8 is still fresh in the market, its successor is already in the works. This article will provide insider information as to what the public can expect in Windows 10.

Windows 10 will be available in seven versions, making sure that there is a specific one for your intended use. However, only the Mobile, Home, Professional and Enterprise are the confirmed versions as of writing. One great modification that Microsoft did for their latest installment is on the security features. Microsoft introduces two new features that will keep the users worry free – the Windows Hello and Passport. Hello lets you log in on your computer using biometric data. But it is not as simple as what you think. This feature needs to be linked to a hardware device that uses infrared which will carefully map a 3D format of your face. This will avoid spoofing the regular webcam based facial recognition feature that can be deceived by just showing your photo on the camera. The Passport on the other hand allows users to use a single username and password in signing in to different participating websites. Through this, users do not need memorize several password and usernames.

Microsoft Photos will be one of the interesting the apps of the new Windows OS. The Photos app scans your device for photos and organizes them into a giant collection. What’s cool about this app is that it automatically enhances your photo’s contrast and exposure levels as well as fixes the red eyes. If you do not like the enhancement, you can definitely undo them. Siri may also find its match with the presence of Cortana in Windows 10, Microsoft’s version of an intelligent personal assistant. Cortana was first introduce in Windows 8 and is still in development stage as of now for Windows 10. However, Microsoft promises a better Cortana that can comprehend and parse regular languages. In Windows 10, users also have the freedom of organizing and customize the tiles on the Start Menu. These tiles can be arranged depending on your preference and can be labeled.

Microsoft edge will still be the web browser of Microsoft 10 under the same codename, Project Spartan. Windows 10 will be available for free to existing Windows 7 to 8.1 users for one year. Users of older versions of Windows are not eligible for the free upgrade. As for the prices, Windows 10 Home will be available for $119 while the Windows 10 Pro costs $199 inclusive of security and software upgrades. Windows 10 will be available on the 29th of July this year.

Our hopes were high when Windows 8 was released, thinking that the operating system of the future is at reach. However, we were disappointed with the uninspiring results despite of the efforts to improve it in the 8.1 version. With the release on Windows 10 and the initial features that it is promising the users, Microsoft may have worked its way back in track.