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Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops of 2015

29 Jul

Attention gamers! I know you have been waiting for this. I think it’s about time for your online tech instructor to release our list of 10 best gaming laptops of 2015. I’m sure you have been waiting for this in order for you to make up your mind which is exactly the model you want. I hope, just like before, this will make you decide which is best for you and will be worth every buck spent.

Gigabyte P35K v3

First on our list (does not mean it is the best) is the Gigabyte P35K v3 gaming laptop. Running with a stunning 8GB of RAM and 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7, this dude only weighs 5.07 pounds. It is 15.6 inch gaming laptop that proved gaming machines does not need to be that bulky. Its simulated sound is remarkable and offers expansion slots for external and solid state drives for additional storage. The downside however is its overall design and look. It is not as appealing as other gaming laptops and has significantly thicker bezels. Overall, it offers a great buy and a decent gaming laptop without costing that much.

Origin EVO 15-S

Weighing only 4.3 pounds, Origin EVO 15-S is one of the lightest gaming laptops in the market. Equipped with NVDIA GeForce GTX 970M and 16 GB of RAM, it is expected to produce a color-rich and perfectly contrasted screen. With very powerful components inside, we can expect almost no lags and glitches even if you open several windows and games all at the same time. Ironically, its battery life is a major disappointment. It fell short compared to its competitors.  Also, its fan tends to be too loud and noisy. Generally, it is still worthy of a spot in our 10 Best Gaming Laptops for this year.

Aorux X3 Plus v3

Competing best in display and portability, Aorux X3 Plus v3 shows a breezing performance with style. Built with 16 GB of RAM and NVDIA GeForce GTX 970M, having a high resolution and crystal clear display is not a problem. This 14-inch monster features a good heat control system which is a must to all gaming laptops. Battery life is quite on the below average mark running in an average of 3 hours onlyich is a huge setback.  However, it is still a very decent buy despite of few shortcomings. It is still one of the best looking machines compared to its peers.

Alienware 17

Coming from a colossal manufacturer of gaming laptops, a lot is expected from this newly released model. As its name depicts, this is a 17-inch gaming laptop with jaw dropping specs and outrageous price. Its video card and processor are definitely upgrade versions of those in its competitors. This laptop-desktop hybrid promises and delivers blazing performance. Its 17 inch screen is perfect for extreme gaming experience. Though it costs a little bit more than its peers, this is still a brand to go if you are after for quality and sophistication.


Powered with a whooping 32GB of RAM and GeForce GTX 980M 4GB video card, ASUS ROG G751JY is also a prime contender in the field of gaming laptops. The 17-inch screen projects a very decent display and superb performance. Its fans are remarkably quiet while cooling the machine compared to other models. Despite of a generally good performance, it fell short in battery life. Considering the heavy duty graphics card and processor, there is no surprise that battery is not holding that long. Another disappointment is the weight. While other gaming laptops tried to slim down for portability, this toy weighs 10 pound which is rather hefty and bulky.

Aorux X7 Pro

Aorux definitely did a lot of improvement in X7 pro from its X3 model. It seems that they poured everything on this machine. No surprise that it is one of the best performing gaming laptop on our list. Equipped with GeForces GTX 970M 6GB graphics card and 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7, it is as powerful as we can think of. It is amazing that these specs where put together in a very thin bezel. But it is not as perfect as you think. Battery life is extremely short and fans are loud. Other than this, it is still a lean but strong machine worthy of your money.

Digital Storm Triton

Generally described as a powerful yet affordable gaming laptop, Digital Storm Triton makes its way to the market by proving that quality machines need not be expensive. It has a very attractive design, lightweight and decent specs. The disadvantage of this machine is it dull screen and cooling system. The screen is not as sharp as the rest of the gaming laptops in the market. It heats up faster and cools very slow as well – an indication of a weak cooling fan system. Overall, it is a great buy and worth trying.

Origin Eon 15-X

Built with an 8GB GTX 980M and 4GHz Intel Core i7, Origin Eon 15-X is definitely a force to be recon with. It is considered to have a desktop grade CPU that allows it to perform extremely better compared to its competitions. Its 15.6-inch screen is packed with sharpness and contrast beyond compare. Having all the top tier specs built within this machine, it is surprising that the price is very much reasonable. It also excels in the design aspect proving that it is possible to get both style and performance. A small disadvantage, which some might not even bother to complain, is the thin viewing angle.

MSI GT80 Titan

At first glance, you can already say that this is an outrageously heavy and bulky laptop. Weighing 9.9 pounds and nearly 2 inches thick, this robust machine is definitely defying the meaning of the word portability. However, it is heavy for a reason. It is built with two, yes two GTX 980M 16GB graphics card and 16 GB of RAM. This allows this machine to run smoothly and efficiently. One thing I like about this machine is its mechanical keyboard which real gamers would really love. Generally, this machine is still worthy of a spot on our 10 best gaming laptops for this year. Its performance and features over power its weight to the point that some gamers do not care about it anymore.

HP Omen

Completing the list of the best gaming laptops is HP Omen. It offers a more sophisticated design that is more attractive compared to other competition. Several lights add to the appeal of this machine which is one of its major advantages. Specification wise, it is pretty much decent but not top notch. Its 2.6 GHz i7 processor and GeForce GTX 960M may be a little inferior compared to its peers but just enough to perform your daily routines in a gaming machine. Despite of a lackluster screen and a bit pricey tag, HP Omen still offers an average option for a gaming laptop.

Gaming laptops are expected to have outrageously better specs compared to regular laptops since they are processing much heavier loads and graphics. We should set our expectations that there is no such thing as a “perfect machine”. For every advantage, there is a corresponding opportunity for improvement in the upcoming models. It is for you to weigh the pros over the cons and decide which one to choose. Game on gamers!