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TOP 10 Tablets of 2015

27 Jul

The word “tablet” was conventionally used to describe a form of medication taken orally. At present times, this word has been revolutionized and presently refers to a gadget not as bulky as a laptop but not as small as a smart phone. It has gained so much popularity because of the convenience it offers and the wide range of activities and tasks that you can do using it.

In the tradition of giving you our insights on the latest trends in gadgets and technologies, your online tech instructor presents our top 10 tablets for the first half of 2015. We will dissect each one for you to decide which suites your lifestyle.

TOP 10: Goggle Nexus 9

This 8.9 inch tablet is the successor of the Nexus 7 and was released with Android 5.0. Made by HTC, this tablet is configured in a 4:3 aspect ratio mimicking iPad but unfortunately failed to beat the latter in several categories. However, it is still a decent tablet to use and its Boomsound speaker is one of the reasons why. It is built with NVidia 64-bit processor and 2GB of RAM just enough to support basic applications.

TOP 9: Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

Being the flagship mid-ranged tablet of the South Korean based technology giant, Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 offers a bigger 12-inch display compared to the usual 8 or 10 inches of its competitors. Its performance was greatly enhanced by a quad core processor backed by a 3 GB of RAM. Having a screen resolution of 2560 X 1600 makes it a perfect choice for graphic artist and the like. The downside however of this Tablet is its built. Due a wider screen, the sleekness and portability of this tablet is compromised.

TOP 8: Lenovo Yoga 10HD+

This tablet may not be that well known compared to main streamline models but this is certainly something that you may consider. Built with a 10.1-inch with a  1200×1920 resolution, Lennovo Yoda 10HD+ promises a better performance using its 1.6 GHz Quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. The main strength of this tablet is its battery life rated at 9000mAh and a 33.3Wh capacity. The downside of longer battery life however is the bulkiness of its battery cylinder. Wondering why it is branded as yoga? The reason behind this is the fact that if you let the tablet sit on its built-in stand, it can stood up at a wide range of angles.

TOP 7: NVidia Shield Tablet

If you are looking for mobile gaming tablet, this is the model to settle with. NVidia Shield tablet boasts its 2.2 GHz quad-core processor and 1920×1200 resolution perfect for gamers out there. You may find it weird to use a controller with a tablet but it is exactly the strength of this gaming device. It could be very inferior compared to Apple and Samsung tablets in most categories but it will crash these colossal brands in the gaming aspect.

TOP 6: Microsoft Surface Pro 3

This tablet is the third attempt of Microsoft to make a tablet with the power of a laptop and it is the best so far. Equipped with a whopping 256GB solid state hard drive and Intel Core i5 makes it even more attractive to buyers. Screen resolution has greatly improved since its predecessor with a huge leap from 1920×1080 to 2160x 1440. It is also the pioneering tablet that introduced 3:2 ratio which is best for a 12 incher tablet. Undoubtedly, this tablet is now bringing the gap between a laptop and a tablet closer by being the first successful tablet to make it to the laptop-tablet hybrid category. Thus, it made its way to our list of top 10 best tablets for 2015.

TOP 5: Ipad 2 mini

Being made by a giant company like Apple, a lot is expected from this “mini” creature. Good thing it was able to meet some of the expectations of the techy geeks out there. Built with great finesse and sophistication, iPad Mini 2 is flawless in many aspect from the amazing screen to cutting edge CPU. 2048×1536 screen resolution and a dual core processor also helped in making sure that this tablet is not a disappointment. The only downside of this tablet, just like other Apple products, is its price.

TOP 4: Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

Being a waterproof device is the catchiest feature that this Sony tablet is offering to its users. Running in a snapdragon processor, this tablet offers a pretty decent performance compared to other device in the market. The design aspect is also a strength of Xperia brands. It gives a feeling of owning a top of line tablet without really spending that much. Battery life on this tablet is also a winner. It go as much as 3-6 hours longer compared to other brands depending on what you use it for. The main disadvantage of this tablet is its screen sharpness which we think needs a significant improvement.

TOP 3: iPad Mini 3

This is the second Apple device who made it to our top 10 best tablets for 2015 so far. This is not a shocker since it could really be a tablet that anyone will settle with. Although many are saying that there only a little improvement from iPad Mini 2, it is still worth noting that the addition of a Touch ID made a huge difference here. Mini 3 also offers very crisp text and images with its 1536×2048 screen resolution.

TOP 2: Samsung Galaxy Tab S

This tablet is the best shot that Samsung has fired in its goal to outplay its toughest rival, Apple. Operating with a 2.3 Ghz quad-core processor and 3GB of RAM, Samsung Galaxy Tab S offers longer battery life with its 7900mAh rating and clearer photos through an 8MP rear camera. The AMOLED screen technology offers a better viewing experience that could stand at par with its rivals in the market. The downside of this device, which I believe Samsung has to work out in all of its models, is the design. It does not look as attractive as Apple and Xperia models. .

TOP 1: iPad Air 2

If there is a tablet that is closest to perfection, it would be the iPad Air 2. No doubt why it is our top choice as the best tablet in 2015. Its 1.5 GHz, A8X triple core processor and 1536×2048 resolution makes your daily tablet experience great. You can even use the device for an extended time because of it 7340 mAh battery.  iPad Air 2 is powered by iOS 8.3 bringing a lot of improvements compared to its older brother iPad Air. Screen resolution is superb, brighter and colourful since all the layers that make up the screen is built closely together. The only downside that we can see on this tablet is the absence of volume silencer brought about but the reshuffling of buttons. At any rate, iPad Air 2 is still a masterpiece that anyone is dying to have.

Tablets are one of the major breakthroughs of the new era of technology. We are now able to avail of the capabilities of a laptop without worrying about the bulk and weight of carrying it. Features of tablets varies depending on the brand and its intended use. As what your online tech instructor is telling you all the time, it is best to know what you need in a device before buying it in order to make sure that you are getting the value for your money. As always, we will be here to guide you every step of the way.