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Top 5 Best Ways To Make Money Writing Online

07 Aug

If you are someone who is trying to start writing online or have been writing for a few months, you must have come across this phrase “ Content is king”.  I think we all (writers) should be thankful to Google because it has made unique content an important and the best thing about marketing a business. Although we do not know how and what is the exact Google criteria for ranking websites but we all know for sure that unique content is a must to have to have any chance of getting ranked higher in search engines. This is perhaps the most important reason why even the big companies and businesses are in hint of unique and top quality content. Many of the top brands even pay an outside party to get their content done in a professional way.

best ways to make money writing online

I don’t have Experience 🙁 No worries 🙂

Although having a good previous experience always help when you are trying to get into big the companies but it is not a must to have. In fact there are writing jobs for all level of writers and for writers with 5 years’ experience and for writers with no experience at all as well.

Here is why most of us want to write online:

  • Work where you want and when you want
  • Write on your interested topic
  • Create a side income along with your Full time job

Above are only few basic reasons to start writing online. So how do you start? Just Jump straight in!!! Remember the more you write the better you will get. There is no other way around it, you have to just write and write and write to get to a top level. Be patient when you first start, you will slowly get to know how the market works and when you start feeling comfortable about yourself as a writer, that’s the time to do some experiments and explore even more. I have collected a list of 5 best paying wiring companies online. You can go ahead do your research and join them.

Here are the Top 5 Best Ways To Make Money Writing Online:

  1. Associated Content– This Company was recently bought by Yahoo. This is many ways show the stature of the company itself. The new management said that they are not going to change anything in the near future. You are allowed to basically write anything you want to write at Associated Content. They roughly pay around $3- $5 for every 1000 impressions on the article submitted by you. I would not take it as my full time work but it’s a good site to build your reputation and have more experience to explore more and better paying companies.
  2. InfoBarrel– InfoBarrel is in the list of top content generators. You can write anything you want to write about. You are required to have a Google Adsence account to start writing here. The company shares the revenue generated by your article with you. The profit against doesn’t come down to much but it all depends on the quality for your article. InfooBarrel gets lot of hits and if your article is good enough you are likely to get a reasonable share.
  3. Snipsly – This works same like Infobarrel. You do require an Adnsence account as well. The additional good thing about this site is that it even allows you to add content of up to 150 words only as well. This makes it easier for you to write as much as you want.
  4. Hubpages– Hudpages is the highest content generator present online right now. They add thousands of articles every day. Hubpages has lot of categories for you to choose from to write your piece. You can earn through Adsence and through Amazon affiliation at Hubpages. A quality article at hubpages gets thousands of hits.
  5. Blogging– This is my favourite method to use your writing skills in a productive money making process. You are in total control of your writing, niche and the frequency of writing you want to do. Blogging is long long process and it take continuous effort, commitment and passion to succussed in a long run. It is a good thing to start as a side work only because you probably will not get any income from it for at least first 3 months. Once you have your own personal successful blog, you can always use it as a portfolio and when you feel to give up the blogging you can sell the blog and get the full value for all the writing that you had done.

Above I have shared the best writing companies online. Hope you liked the article. If you have any success story to share or more tips for the readers please do comment in the section below.