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Top 6 Work-at-Home Companies

28 Jul

Work-at-Home Companies

These days, there is much trend of working at home. Most of the educated persons pay attention to finding the Internet-based jobs. There are plenty of works you can do at home and can make handsome money from. These include blogging, web development, application and software engineering, data entry jobs, form filling works, and lots more. You just need to find the right place and the right job as per your desires and requirements. Here we have mentioned the top work-at-home companies. These let you have the chance to earn something to raise your family without the need of leaving your house.

  1. CrowdSource

The CrowdSource offers different types of jobs. These range from “microtask” projects to writing and editing works. You can decide how much you are willing to work. Use your computer to generate as many dollars for you as you want. The quality of any of the works should not be compromised otherwise CrowdSource is likely to fire you or ban your user’s account permanently.

  1. Leap Force

The Leap Force is another company you can apply for the job at. It is actually a way that Google uses for ranking the sites in the search engine results. In case this firm hires you, you can certainly expect the decent monthly income. Usually, the pay rate is $10 to $20 per hour. Set your own price, your own schedule, and enjoy working with Leap Force.

  1. Liveops

The Liveops is an online call center, allowing you to sit at your own pace and enjoy working. Just like a physically located call center, you would have to make calls, take calls, and sell the company’s products. The price per hour is generally $10 but you can earn a lot more in the form of commissions.

  1. SpeakWrite

The SpeakWrite pays up to $15 for every hour you give to their work. It is a transcription job, and you have the freedom to set your own schedule.

  1. Demand Studios

The Demand Studios hires almost every kind of professional, ranging from content writers to filmmakers. The pay is both amazing and competitive. It is the fantastic platform for those who are looking for work-at-home opportunities.

  1. Fast Chart

The Fast Chart hires medical transcriptionists. In order to apply and get hired, you need to fulfill some of their official requirements. Not only this but also your qualifications should match their minimum job requirement. They pay industry competitive prices for the transcriptions you do.