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What to Do When Your iPhone 7 Gets Wet?

26 Sep

Apple recently released the newest members of its growing family – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. For the very first time in Apple’s history, these new phones are water resistant with an IP67 rating. However, despite of being labelled as “water resistant”, you should never try dropping it into a pool to check if it really is. Surprisingly, liquid damage is not among those covered by iPhone warranty.

What to Do When Your iPhone 7 Gets Wet?

Should your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus gets wet by accident, what should you do? Here are simple steps that you can do to your wet phone:

Unplug All Cables

Plugging in your wet phone should be the last thing that you do. Charging it while it is still wet can cause serious damage to the phone and may cause electrocution. Also, it helps to switch off your phone to prevent the liquid from damaging other internal components. Remove also your SIM and tap it to dry.

Dry Your Phone

Your new iPhone must then be dried both outside and in the inside. Wiping it with a soft fabric can easily do the trick for iPhone 7’s external parts. The more challenging part is drying the internal hardware of the phone. To do this, you can simply leave you phone to dry for a few days. You can try shaking the phone from time to time and check if there is still liquid coming out of the Lightning port.

Avoid Forced Drying

Avoid drying your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus forcefully. Others use an air dryer but this practice tends to just push the liquid to other areas inside the phone. Some recommends storing your phone in a container with rice. Rice has the capacity to absorb moisture. Just ensure that no grain can enter your ports making them unusable.

Pack a Lot of Patience

You really can’t do anything but wait. Usually it takes hours or even days to completely dry your phone depending on how wet it was. Switching on your phone prematurely will exacerbate the problem and can cause damage to other internal parts.

Being “water resistant”or “waterproof” is a very compelling marketing strategy by smart phone companies to entice the public into buying their product. However, it’s very ironic that Apple is not covering water damage in their warranty despite of this claim. Nonetheless, the steps mentioned above will do the trick should your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus gets wet.